This Flower Girl Pulled A Hilarious Stunt In The Middle Of Her Uncle’s Vows

"I hope that's on video!"

Despite years of preparations, there’s always one or two things that don’t go to plan at a wedding.

One surprise that nobody could've seen coming is a flower girl making a run for it during this Melbourne wedding.

Tom and Katie Quirk were exchanging their vows in the picturesque surroundings of Albert Park Lake, when their little niece Chloe took advantage of the fact that everyone was distracted and made a dash towards the lake.

“I was facing the direction Chloe was running from but because I was looking at Tom all I saw was this flash of white all of a sudden in my peripheral vision”, Katie told The Daily Mail.

“And then I saw my sister-in-law madly running past and I was like, ‘Did that really happen?’”.

Thankfully, the rogue flower girl didn’t make it too far, but she certainly made it a wedding to remember.

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