The Top 10 Places To Eat Chicken Wings In New York


Chicken wings have been popping up on menus all across New York for the last couple of years and are very much on-trend in the capital – but if ever there was a subject to split opinion it is the place serving the very best in town.

Everybody is going to have their own opinion (and feel free to get involved in the comments) but we are confident that these 10 places will see you good. All you need to do now is work your way through the list and get licking those fingers!

10th. BonChon Chicken

Walk down any street in Korea and you'll find a chicken wing store and that is what Bonchon have created here in New York. These are wings that you eat on the go when in a hurry and they taste absolutely immense. 30 outlets in the USA now and growing fast.


9th. Wings To Go

You don't always want to sit in and eat wings so grab them in Wings To Go and go home and watch a movie or some sorts in the comfort of your own home. They've served over 1 billion wings in their shops across the country so they have it down to a fine art at this stage!


8th. Blondies

A sports bar with huge TVs everywhere, lots of amazing beers on tap and most importantly of all amazing wings that are finger licking good.


7th. Landsdowne Road

An Irish bar in every sense of the word so don't be coming looking for high end dining but instead expect ice cold beer, a great atmosphere and some incredible wings that have to be tried to be believed.


6th. Great Jones Cafe

A proper cajun restaurant that has been around for decades and which does the most incredible wings which you can wash down with a few strong drinks. Once you discover this place there will be no looking back.


5th. International Wing Factory

Anywhere that serves wings in buckets with a choice of over 20 sauces and huge portions gets our vote. Multiple locations around town as well mean you'll never be far away from awesome wings.


4th. Woggies

They serve awesome wings in their two venues and with a bunch of other smaller side orders it is a great way to eat. Head down on Sundays and Mondays for half price wings.


3rd. Dinosaur Barbque

They focus on all things BBQ in here and the hardest task you will have is avoiding the other stuff like brisket and burgers on the menu and sticking to the wings. If you do manage it you'll be rewarded with some of the best ones you've ever eaten. Smokey and incredible taste.


2nd. Seoul Chicken

Another Korean option on the list and with very good reason because they focus on chicken alone in here and it is off the charts good. Large variety of wings including specials but if you can stomach it go with the spicy ones with line. Seriously worth the trip.


1st. Distilled

In the heart of Tribeca this is a high end pub where you get super food without having to go high end restaurant in either atmosphere or prices. The wings are a work of art and cooked twice as well as getting glazed to get that amazing finish. You'll want more than one portion is the only issue. Absolutely stunning.


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Niall Harbison

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