21 Of The Best Places To Eat In Riga In 2015

Looking for options to suit every occasion? We've got you covered!

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Riga is fast becoming a metropolitan hub of activity. There's so much to do here and it's a top location for people to come to work remotely in Europe. When travelling for either pleasure or business there's always one common factor - you need to eat. So, (you can thank us later) we have gone and done the hard work for you and built this amazing list of places you can get a bite to eat to suit every occassion in Riga!

3 Pavaru Restorans

This trendy restaurant is probably the very best in Riga and is owned and run by 3 local celebrity chefs. This place is perfect if you're looking to splash out a little and treat yourself (and maybe someone else) to a fabulous meal. The local beers are super cheap making the extra expenditure on the fine dining totally worth it!



Vincents popular amongst the locals and has hosted a huge amount of well-known names including international political figures. You'll find yourself digging deeper into your wallet than in 3 Pavaru Restorans but you won't be disappointed. Renowned chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš is responsible for the diverse 'haute cuisine' cooked using only the finest local produce.

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Biblioteka No1

Translating to Library Number 1, you won't want to go anywhere else to get modern European cuisine than here. It's reasonably prices which makes it a popular spot for big groups to head to eat out. You'll find something for everyone on the menu as well - they do a 9 course tasting menu which comes highly recommended!


Aqua Luna

This is a sophisticated hipster haven - come here to grab a quick bite or settle down on one of the couches with your laptop for meetings or to catch up on emails. Menu is full of fresh ingredients and the very best seafood, meat and sushi dishes.

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You always know a great place when the locals love it. B-Bar is the perfect spot to get super drinks, food and service. Hidden in the corner of the main square, its got a real a metropolitan feel. Order one of their epic steaks and enjoy watching the bartenders flair as they work away!

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International SV

International SV is a small, but unique restaurant in Riga that's about five minutes away from the city centre. They serve up an international menu with the choice of loads of creative and tasty mini dishes. They really focus on detail here - you'll have a very Instagrammable experience.


Raw Garden

If you're on the look out for a healthier, vegan restaurant than Raw Garden ticks all those boxes. They use the best local produce and pack in as many healthy super foods into all their dishes as possible. Perfect for pre and post exercise!

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If you've just spent the day taking in the sights at the Storehouse, the Swedish Gate or at Jacob's Barracks and are dying for a good feed then pop in here. This place literally looks like someone converted their garage into a cool bar-restaurant and you can even sit cosy in an old car chairs. Ideal if you're hungry and want to wash your meal down with a couple of cool beers.

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Muusu is a modern european restaurant - and like the rest on this list - presentation is brought to the highest of standards. And the best thing? The food is so reasonably priced here, steaks are €19 and that's the most expensive item on the menu.

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Gallery 'Istaba'

This is an actual exhibition space and sells local crafts - but if you're looking for quick fix, they have a fabulous cafeteria upstairs. Keep an open mind coming here as there are only five tables and there's no menu - so let the chef surprise you!



Sometimes all you want is good comfort food. And you'll get that here in Zoste - they serve up the best in American grub using Latvian sourced produce.

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Mio is the perfect place to come on a romantic date. The atmosphere is unbeatable and their service some of the best in Riga. Great for lunch or dinner. Their salmon tartar comes highly recommended.

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These guys have already featured in one of our previous lists. This family owned business provide good ambiance, free Wi-Fi, friendly staff and amazing food and coffee making it the ideal spot to go and work remotely or if you have kids in tow.

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This is a hipster's paradise. Excellent coffee, epic vegetarian food, free Wi-Fi and bikes to ensure you'll come here and stay for hours and hours. Rumour has it Miit also has an endless choice of the best cheese cake you'll ever taste which is super if you're catching up with friends but don't want to have to order a full meal.

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Gan Bei

You don't have to have deep pockets to enjoy a bit of luxury in Riga - Gan Bei offer an affordable asian variety. What's it good for? Come here with a big group of mates and enjoy an amazing lunch or dinner and let the hours pass you by!


La Kanna

La Kanna offers a relaxed environment which suits a lazy Saturday or Sunday perfectly. You can chill outside with one of their lovely French / Spanish wines and order a brunch of champions if you're hungry.

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If you're looking for a classic spot to dine in Riga then come here. Benjamins is named after the tycoon who built the landmark building the restaurant is housed in. Enjoy the extravagant surroundings make sure you appreciate and take in the huge chandeliers!



Dada suits those of you who want a quick bite to eat without resorting to fast food. Their healthy menu choices also make room for vegetarians. Can't go wrong here!

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Fabrikas Restorāns

If you're looking for somewhere a little more understated and quiet then come here. It's about a 5 minute drive from the old town but you'll feel like you've stepped into a different world. The menu boasts a mixture of world foods and like their competitors - the quality of the service, food etc are unbelievably high. Prices are above average though (but well worth it) so just be aware of this while ordering!

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Andaluzijas Suns

If you're heading out for food and want to make a night of it then you can't go wrong with Andaluzijas Suns. They have live performances on most nights - perfect for the creative, artsy types.

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Wine and dine here in Tinto before heading to the cinema next door. They've a vast wine menu which make choosing difficult but won't leave you disappointed.

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