Dying To Visit Iceland? Get Involved In The WOW Cyclothon

Race around Iceland,1,358 km, in perpetual daylight during the summer solstice.

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Iceland is a bucket-list location for many, and now that we have direct flights courtesy of WOWair there's literally no excuse not to pay the country a visit...

However, if you're more about active holidays than taking it handy, the WOW Cyclothon was meant for you.

From 15 – 17 June 2016, the fifth annual WOW Cyclothon will see keen cyclists from around the world competing to be crowned the fastest team to pedal around The Ring Road - a 1,358 kilometre route looping around the entire country.

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Taking place under the midnight sun, the non-stop relay race is the only one of its kind in Iceland, usually taking the winning team around 48 hours to complete it. 

The race is open to teams of between four and ten riders, who cycle in a relay format non-stop for the entire route, followed by their support vehicle. 

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Starting in Reykjavik, the route steers passes by some of Iceland’s most stunning landscapes beneath the midnight sun, including glaciers, mighty waterfalls, the spectacular coastal line, fjords, national parks and striking volcanoes.

Reckon you've got what it takes? Sign up here.

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Fiodhna Horan Murphy