Google Releases Data Looking Back At Recent Travel Trends

Let's look back at where we've been.


Google are always tracking things, whether you like to believe it or not, as you can see by them now letting you retrace every step you've taken with Google Maps.

Today they've released some data it's collected over the years on people travelling because when you travel you're probably online and it's all being tracked.


Most people nowadays however always turn to Google or the internet in general when preparing to take a trip. Whether that be for business or leisure just picture the amount of times you yourself have searched for flight or hotel prices in the past year. And now thanks to this dashboard from Google you can discover trends across the car rental, air, and hotel categories so you can plan for the season ahead.

For example above is where people mainly came from to New York - mainly Washington as I am guessing there was a lot of business flights.

And below you can see many people from Houston headed to Vegas - because they like to party?


You can check out the full data breakdown here so you can prepare yourself.

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