Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It's A New Drone Service Delivering Burritos

This makes life 100% complete

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There are a lot of problems on this planet right now, but if we had to pick one that we'd love to have solved it'd be the ability to have a burrito anywhere and anytime.

Well the good news is that the good folk at Project Wing, a drone project in Google's X lab, and the Mexican food company Chipotle have teamed up to create a new delivery service that brings you burritos via drone at the push of a button.

Google has been testing the drones since 2014 on private land, but have now moved to start delivering them to students on the campus of Virginia Tech.

The test is only open to the students at the moment, but the expectation is that if and when it goes well, and they can get the right permits, it could be expanding.

Who else wants to see this hitting Irish shores?

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