KFC Have Just Launched An 'Irish' Burger Complete With Cheese And Onion Fries

This could go either way...

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Just about everyone who isn't Irish kinda wishes they were, and KFC's latest burger offering taps into that exact sentiment...

In a video entitled 'An official apology to the people of Ireland from KFC #SorryNotSorry', they explain just what they were trying to achieve with O'Sanders burger...

Got that, then? It's "Irish-ish"...

The O'Sanders burger includes their original KFC chicken, an Irish Pride bun, onion rings, a slice of Cork cheddar and BBQ sauce. 

Unfortunately the cheese and onion fries aren't topped with grated cheese and caramelised onions, but instead seasoned with cheese and onion flavouring. 

Alright, then... Both are available in Irish KFC outlets at the moment, so will someone please go try them and report back to us?

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Fiodhna Horan Murphy