Never Get The Wrong Bus, Train or Tram Again with Dublin's First Integrated Transport Map


When I stumbled upon this website, I genuinely assumed it was just a commission from the Department of Transport, but no (I should've guessed). Colin Broderick actually did it as a project to keep himself busy while looking for a job and supply a service to his beloved Dubliners like communters get in London or Paris. Colin who's a spatial planner has created Dublin's first integrated transport map- the Dublin Frequent Transport Map. What a genius.

In all my years as a Dubliner I find it absolutely painful trying to map journeys in our very disconnected transport system. We must be the only first world city to not have a train that runs from our airport to the city centre- but that rant is better left for another day. This map is the only up-to-date map with all the networks together, offers travel advice (so how frequent buses etc. are), fare information, is super easy to use... the list goes on.


The price of transport has gone up yet again. Until now Leap Card fares had remained untouched, however that has now changed they've actually been upped by tiny amounts. Dublin Bus Travel 90 allows you to pay only €1 extra to board a second bus in the 90 minute period following your first validation on a bus with your leap card. Now these's a travel hack.


I caught up with Colin earlier today and he had this to say about his innovative service: "The idea was to show people that the Dublin in fact has a transport network that can be used to get you to most parts of the city. The reason for showing on routes of 15 minute frequency is based on the idea that you shouldn't have to care about the timetable, you can just turn up at a stop and not have long to wait until the next service. I wanted to show only full routes, so for instance this ruled out the 25's and 41's as they have three or four variations to their route. Instead of selling a printed map, which I was too poor to afford at the time I started selling the pdf. My main reason for this was that each month the bus routes were changing as Dublin Bus was reorganising it's network. This way I could offer people who forked over the cash an new updated map every time the network changed".


Its available in A3 PDF format so you can download it and print it or just keep it stored on your phone for €5 (for 12 months) which believe me is well worth it for the time it saves! (BUY)

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