This New Wine Glass Attaches Directly To Bottle For Maximum Convenience

The greatest invention in history?

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Most of us are fond of a nice glass of wine every once in a while, but you'll have to admit that the whole effort of opening, pouring and then drinking the wine can feel a little much?

Enter the Guzzle Buddy, a new product that screws directly into the top of a wine bottle and lets you drink to your heart's content. 

Although this certainly won't be getting many plaudits from responsible drinking groups, especially when you consider the strap line of the product is "Plug it and chug it"...

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Some of the key selling points they list include...

  • For every wine lover – takes your favourite bottle of wine and turns it into your oversized extra large giant XL wine glass
  • Fun, unique and humorous – this is not your typical cheap novelty gag gift, made of high quality borosilicate lead free glass (480 ml to rim)
  • The perfect gift for anyone – unique, funny, novelty gift for any occasion
  • Great addition for weddings, brides and grooms, bachelorette parties, house warming, kitchen gift, birthday, anniversary and more

We know a fair few people who we'll be getting one of these for as an Christmas present. 

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