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01st Jul 2017

PIC: A Florida Bar Is Selling These Ridiculous “Irish” IRA Cocktails


We all know that some Americans have slightly eh, odd, ideas of what Ireland is all about. 

Green grass, stone walls, Guinness and the IRA seem to be top of the list, with a lot of Irish people pretty insulted about the infamous ‘Irish Car Bomb’ drink, a mix of Baileys, whiskey, and a pint of plain.

So you’d think they’d learn not to use old fashioned stereotypes to make boozy creations, wouldn’t you?

Well they haven’t.

A bar in Florida is selling a cocktail made from “an official IRA recipe” (we never knew they dealt cookbooks), called The Belfast Bomber.

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The drink contains Frosty orange juice, Cherry Brandy and 50% rum, and apparently too many of these will “do ye more harm than the IRA.”

We’d hate to see the eye roll on a Belfast person’s face if they ever see this on the menu – can’t the bar think up something a bit more correct?

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