Gins, Jams And Gelatos – Check Out All Of The Winners From The Irish Food Awards

Some serious inspiration for your next trip to the supermarket

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Blas na hÉireann, The Irish Food Awards, were held down in Dingle yesterday. 

The awards recognise the tastiest and best quality foods produced in Ireland – of which there are plenty! 

Over 2,500 products were entered into this year's awards, and here is the cream of the crop: 

Bacon (rashers) winner 

Beef (prime) winners 

Including both Lidl and SuperValu's suppliers!

Lamb winners

Pork winners 

Poultry (chicken) winners

Turkey winners

To keep in mind for Christmas!

Black pudding winners

The most Irish category ever?

White pudding winners 


The winners from all THREE sausage categories!

We're going out to buy them ALL right now.

Beloved butter winners 

Cream winners 

Milk winners

Important – ice cream winners 

Frozen yogurt and sorbet winners 

The dream. 

Other yogurt winners

All the cheese winners 

Cheese, please. All of it. 

Baby food winners 

White bread winner

Apple tart winners


Chocolate cake winners 

Winners at life, really. 

Popcorn winners 

Chocolate bar winners

Wow. Just wow. 

Most importantly, to us anyway, the coffee winners

And in very close second place, the tea winners

Crisp winners

ALL the alcohol winners 

Gin, gin, gin 


Well that's made me hungry...

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