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Kitchen Hack - How To Chill A Beer In Less Than 5 Minutes

  • Beer
  • Ice
  • Salt
  • Water

Have you ever come home from the shops for a night of TV watching and suddenly discovered that your beer is warm and you'll have to wait 30 minutes for it to cool down in the freezer? You'll also probably forget about half of the bottles you put in the freezer and discover them half exploded tomorrow. Luckily folks we have a solution that will cool beer down for to a super cold temperature in less than 5 minutes. Trust us this is beyond whopper!


Step 1

First step is to get the biggest container you can find. Lash a load of ice in. A bucket or a saucepan work best.

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Step 2

Lash in some water. We know with the water charges this is drastically going to increase the price of the few beers, but feck it.

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Step 3

Lash the beers in.

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Step 4

Now this is the crucial part. Pour in a big lashing of salt straight into the water. This is what makes the magic happen and cools the beers down in no time.

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Step 5

3 minutes well get them drinkable cold. 5 minutes will get you an absolutely ice cold beer. As we said, this is an absolutely whopper trick!

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There you go. BOOM! No other way to do it ever again and if your bucket is big enough you can get a load in there and do it at scale. Savage little trick.

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