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Ramp Up The Energy Super Pasta

  • Chorizo (raw if possible)
  • Pasta (choose your own shape)
  • Feta Cheese
  • Watercress
  • Red Onion
  • Red Peppers
  • Purple Stem Broccoli (Or normal if not available)

Cooking can be a serious pain in the hole with so little time on our hands and the constant madness of daily life. One quick hack to get around that is to cook a big batch of something and use it for a couple of lunches and a dinner. That's what I do every week and this pasta is healthy with loads of greens, delicious and could even (whisper it) be turned into a veggie option by leaving out the chorizo! Seriously bad ass recipe right here...


Step 1

There are two ingredients here that are tricky to get but that will make all the difference. The first is fresh chorizo. You can use the cooked stuff but fresh is way better. Also fresh watercress is tricky to get but so tasty. You can always substitute with spinach if needs be.

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Step 2

Chop up the red onions and red peppers. No need to be too precise or anything here.

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Step 3

Lash them into a frying pan with a little oil over a medium heat. Cool them nice and slow so you get all the lovely sweetness out of them.

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Step 4

Chop the shit out of the watercress.

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Step 5

There will probably be a thin skin on the chorizo. Peel it off with your hands.

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Step 6

Chop it up into rough sized chunks.

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Step 7

Lash the pasta into the boiling water. It should take about 10 minutes but check the instructions on the bag as I'm not telepathic!

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Step 8

Lash in the chorizo when the peppers are lovely and sweet and crank up the heat a little.

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Step 9

The chorizo should start sweating out a lovely spicy oil which will help everything cook. After about 4 or 5 minutes throw in the broccoli. Because you have it cut into small pieces it won't need more than a couple of minutes cooking.

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Step 10

Stir the whole thing up and season with a little salt and pepper. Looking fucking gorgeous already!

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Step 11

Throw in the watercress. It will wilt down really quickly so as soon as you pop it in just take the whole pot off the heat and keep stirring.

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Step 12

Strain the pasta and lash it in.

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Step 13

You want to stir all the pasta in properly. Everything in the pan will act as a kind of sauce so make sure it is all evenly coated for maximum flavour.

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Step 14

Throw in the feta cheese just before serving. No need to chop it, just crumble it up with your hands.

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Step 15

I like to make loads of this because it keeps for days. Serve up a portion and lash the rest into the fridge for a few more meals throughout the week.

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Step 16

Tuck in and watch the energy levels soar!

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You could actually eat this just as easily as a cold pasta. You are getting a serious amount of your greens in one sitting here and the good thing about it is that it actually tastes seriously good too. Give it a lash, you won't get bored of this one quickly!

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