So There's A 'Cat Pub' In The UK That We Need To Visit Immediately

Shit just got real


Just when you think you've seen all this great earth has to offer along comes a pub dedicated to cats.

A lovely place in Bristol where you can drink lovely creamy pints, eat pies and stroke some feline friends in friendly surroundings.

Bag O'Nails is a small pub where the owner's cats are as important as the customers themselves. As you can see from the photos people share, the cats like to drape themselves over the bar, get petted, sleep and do other cat-like stuff while you drink.

Absolutely marvellous!


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Idiots unwelcome here

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Kittens and beer. What else do you need?

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Pub cat at The Bag of Nails. #pub #cat #bristol

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We're not too sure about the healthy and safety regulations here but we're currently booking flights to spend a couple of days here.

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