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Some of the worst travel advice we've ever heard

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


A lot of people give advice when it comes to travelling. Plan everything, pack for all seasons, don't travel alone, blah blah blah. This is all a bunch of crap. Here is some advice you just need to downright ignore.



This, like we said above, is a bunch of crap. While yes, some hostels are not that safe, the vast majority are. Stay in a hostel, it's much cheaper but do however be wary of your surroundings - pay that little bit extra to keep your valuables in a safe. But other than that hostels are your best friend.

2. Don't travel alone.


"Don't travel alone, especially women".

What sort of bullshit advice is this? Travel all you want, and on your own. It makes you more independant and you will meet some very cool people along the way.

3. Plan Everything!


Don't plan everything on your trip, you need some time for spontaneous things to happen. A guy randomly comes up trying to sell you tickets to a show? Go to it. Let things happen as they come and you'll have a great time.

4. Don't plan anything.


People also give this advice, and while we partially agree we don't agree fully. Plan a few things - whether it be to see a show, or visit the local water park. Just don't tie yourself down with a schedule.

5. Pack for all weather!


No. Just don't. All you need to travel should be in a carry-on. Bring a light rain jacket in-case it's going to rain, but for the most part the location you're going tends to have one weather type. Heading to Spain? It's probably going to be sunny - but bring a light poncho in-case. That's about it.

Heading to Alaska? Well, it's going to be damn cold - so pack for that. No need to pack for sun and snow at the same time. It just takes up space in your suitcase. And worst thing that can happen is it rains and you've to go into a shop and buy a light rain jacket.

6. Buy a guide.


Forget that. Just use websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp or Foursquare. Or even LovinTrends. A guide doesn't update with new things every few hours, does it?

7. Wait a year, and i'll travel with you then.


They won't. Trust me. Just travel on your own for a bit. When you come back with amazing travel stories your friends will get jealous and be begging to go with you next time.

8. Use travellers cheques.


C'mon. Do these things even exist anymore? Just use cash or your card like any other normal person. Using traveller cheques is a lot more difficult than you'd expect as a lot of places don't trust them anymore.

If you want some real advice, read this.


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