Take A Look At The New Aer Lingus Website

It's a lot better than it was, we'll give them that.


Aerlingus, as we all know, are pretty spot on when it comes to branding and their service in general. One thing which has been letting them down however has been their website.


Their website was clunky, very difficult to manage and restricted you a lot on what you could do. You had to have a destination in mind, not just a budget - which is something RyanAir done very well. Now however with the new update you can manage things way better on their site.

Set up your search and you're good to go. You can manage groups of up to 25 people on the site now, so planning that stag-do abroad won't be an issue any more.


You can do the usual of course, check-in online, get your flight info, etc. But you can now also check up on the place you're flying to as the site gives you a breakdown on restaurants, things to-do, etc.

This is one of the best updates we've seen on a airlines website in a good while and while the site itself has one or two issues with some things not working - like if you're a premium member your logins don't yet work for the new site, you have to go back to the old one.

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