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20th Dec 2016

The 12 Types Of Travelers You Always See At The Airport

Dylan Varian

Airports can be fun. Most of the time people there are going on holidays, but the odd time people are there for a business trip. So all in all the mood at airports tends to be a good one – bar TSA, who just seem to hate everyone.

However no matter what airport you go to you will always find these 12 people there waiting for you to see them.

1. Air Lovers


Snogging constantly and barley coming up for air. These people are probably off on a holiday somewhere for a lot of sex and booze and an inevitable break-up because one of them checks out another person when they are on their holiday. You will definitely see these people at the airport.

2. Businessman Talking On A Phone Loudly


Not everyone there is heading on holidays. A lot of people travel every day for business. You’ll know who they are though because they will be arrogantly loud on their phone trying to make themselves sound extra important and they may even up the asshole level by wearing a blutooth ear piece.

3. Pack of Teens


They’re often off on a holiday of booze, regret, booze, stupid tattoos and booze and they’re making everybody in the terminal aware because they’re already half drunk. Why are they so loud though? Nobody knows. They don’t even know themselves.

4. Pajama People


I have a lot of respect for these people because they don’t give a fuck about anything. They want to be comfy on their flight, so they’re wearing their PJ’s. Why the fuck not?

5. The Airport Bar Enthusiast


These people also don’t give a fuck. The first place they hit up in the airport is the bar and apart from one or two toilet breaks this is where you will find them until the flight takes off. And they’ll also be the last one on the flight too.

6. The Complainer


Some of these people have a genuine reason to be complaining, but sometimes you hear people complaining because they missed their flight that took off two hours ago. Shut up. It’s not the poor person behind the counters fault you didn’t wake up.

7. The Outlet Hog



8. The Overeager Boarder


Calm down. We’re all going to get on the plane. No need to queue up two hours before when the gate is being used for another flight. Get out of the way. We all have assigned seats anyway.

9. The Person Who Doesn’t Quite Understand How an Airport Works


Most people have taken a flight before and know how things go down at an airport. You queue up, you shut up and you get on your cylinder metal tube and somehow end up in another place.

Some people however don’t understand this and you will inevitibly be behind them in airport security.

10. The Person With A Giant Backpack


It’s clearly way too big for carry-on, they should have checked it. But somehow they got past everyone up to this point and now they’re trying to stuff it into the over-head compartment and holding up the whole process by not moving out of the way to let people sit down.

11. The Sleeper


They’ve taken over the middle arm rests and five minutes into the flight they’re asleep. They’ve two ways to go, on your shoulder or on the person on the opposite side. But they will always fall asleep on you.

12. The Weirdo Who Will Definitely End Up on Your Flight


You saw them in the security line, or in the duty free shop. But at some point you they did something and you thought “look at that weirdo”. Well that weirdo is on your flight, and they’re probably sitting next too you to.