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20th Dec 2016

The Origins Of The Spice Bag Have Finally Been Uncovered

Alana Laverty

My mother called me into the kitchen on Saturday to listen to this really interesting piece by Liam Geraghty on RTÉ Radio One’s The Business.

The topic? Spice bags, of course. 

Honestly, if you listen to one thing today, let it be this. It is H I L A R I O U S. 

The earliest order of a spice bag on record to date, according to, was in Tallaght in June of 2012. 

I dunno where I was in 2012, but I certainly wasn’t feasting on heavenly spice bags. I was most likely still going through my 3-in-1 phase. 

I have yet to try Sunflower’s spice bag. But it’s on my spice bag bucket list. 

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