These 10 Crazy People Have The Map Of The World Tattooed Onto Their Bodies

Travel means so much to these people that they went the whole hog and got the world etched on their bodies


You know at this stage just how much we love travel here but even we were shocked today when we spotted the #worldmaptattoo hashtag on Instagram. The more you think about it though the more you realise that there is no better way of constantly reminding yourself that travel is the best thing in life. Amazing how accurate these all are. Fair play to them all!

All good as long as this person never loses a foot for some reason! Great talking point on the beach though!

The more this person works out the bigger the world gets

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This one has an amazing splash of colour

On the wrist where you are never going to forget about traveling

The world is our playground

This guy even includes a compass

The shading here is absolutely stunning

Works on the wrists too

Still raw but looking slick

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And the winner by some distance has to go to this guy

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