These 23 Photos Of Meals On First Class Flights Will Make You Insanely Jealous

Now THIS is luxury

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Most of us catch a flight a couple of times a year and for the most part it's an annoying experience.

While getting wedged into a tiny seat is bad enough, the thing that gets most of us pissed off is the expensive and usually horrendous food. 

If you wanna see how the other half live, we've found 27 photos that reveal just how pimped out food first class airplane food really is...

Like a bloody restaurant

Our local café doesn't even do eggs this good

Spot of afternoon tea?

Steak and chips at 37,000 feet

Caviar is the norm

Desserts look insane

You also get proper coffee in a real cup

On British Airways you can even get a little table for two

2 of our favourite clients taking @demamielskin first class! #altitudeoil #britishairwaysfirstclass

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A real cheeseboard


A photo posted by Jana Steinhagen (@_banana_jana_) on

We'd eat that breakfast off the feckin' ground

Dom Perignon flows with everything

Lobster and a movie

You won't be hungry up in first class

You wouldn't get this in a Michelin star restaurant


#chocolatecake #flyfirstclass #luxury #aubreyabouttown

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They even do wine tastings!

#tbt Wine tasting at 32,000ft. #flyfirstclass #screamluxury #guiltypleasure #wineporn

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All of the flavours

A proper 3-course meal

Proper wholesome stews

Luftansa even have a cheese trolly on board

Hot desserts with oozing ice cream, anybody?

Rich people like to focus on health, so expect plenty of that

Main course #emiratesfirstclass #EmiratesA380

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First class looks like the only way to go!

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