This 5-Star Hotel in Shanghai Is Going To Be Insane!

We'd give anything to stay here.


Built into the side of a former rock quarry, the Shimao Wonderland Hotel takes full advantage of its unique location. The landscape of the hotel is divided into two parts - the ground level and the open water in the bottom of the pit.


Situated a short drive from Shanghai and scheduled for completion in the near future, the hotel will feature 380 rooms spread across 19 stories, two of which rise above the surrounding landscape, and several of which dip below the surface of the lake formed at the quarry bottom.

Designed to mimic a waterfall the hotel looks amazing and fits very well into it's surrounding landscape. There's both a water sport complex planned for the lowest floor and an extreme sports complex over the quarry. Best of all the entire project will be environmentally-friendly, with a green roof and solar panels.


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