This Brilliant Website Is Like Airbnb For Casual Dining

Heading abroad? Check this out.

Eat With

We all love wining and dining whilst on holidays, but what if you could experience a city's culture first-hand from someone’s kitchen? claims to be the world’s largest communal dining table, and we're pretty sure it might just be the coolest concept ever...


There’s nothing worse than being on your hols and stressing over where to eat. On EatWith you can browse around, talk to hosts and book in advance.

Current listings on the site include Tokyo, Milan, Hollywood, Mexico, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and New York among a few other locations. If you're heading to Brazil this summer for the Olympics, you're in luck because there are 11 menus available in Rio right now...

EatWith’s hosts are “cool, creative and passionate about food”, and with over 500 of them in 150 various cities you can make friends all over the world! 

Dim Sum

Hosts not only provide food, but also drinks and entertainment. So you can get drunk with strangers, pop on a few tunes and bust a move. 

Plus they even accept people with specific dietary requirements!


So, if you love creeping on different apartments on Airbnb AND you love food, EatWith was made for you. Meal prices range from €20 to €80 and you can even book in for some cooking classes too.

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Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating, drinking and writing her way around Dublin / @alanalav