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13th Jan 2017

This Luxury Airline Is Offering MAJOR Discounts On Global Flights

Alana Laverty

Got some serious #wanderlust?

Then you’re in for a real treat. 

Let 2017 be the year you follow your dreams and travel around the world with the help of Emirates!

Their global sale runs online until January 23, with offers on flights from March.

Check out some of these insane deals on return flights to and from the following: 

  • Dubai: From €399 (economy) or €2,039 (business class, lol). 
  • Thailand: Return fares from €559 (economy). 
  • Malaysia: Fly to Kuala Lumpur from €2,049 (business class). 
  • Australia: Fly to Sydney from €929 (economy) – for return flights to Australia, that is nothing
  • Hong Kong: Return fares from €489 (economy) and €2,019 (business class). 
  • Johannesburg: From €509 (economy). 
  • Beijing: Return fares from €509 (economy). 
  • Singapore: Fares from €539 (economy). 
  • Delhi: From €569 (economy). 

Ever wanted to see how the other half live? Take a look inside an Emirates flight: 

(Exclusion periods apply at Christmas and Easter. Subject to availability at time of booking.)

You can book online here

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