This Is Officially The Best Irish Pub In The World

I suppose we'll have to make the trip so...

The Irish Village

When you think of the best Irish pub, everyone no doubt has their own ideas in their head. 

But everyone is probably picturing the same kind of things - a small, warm place in a tiny Irish town, with cheap pints, endless tayto, class toasted sandwiches, a fire burning in the corner and some legend propping up the bar for hours. 

Well, we would all be wrong apparently. 

The Irish Village in Dubai was just crowned the best Irish bar in the world at the Irish Pubs Global Awards. But what makes it so special?

Their outdoor area is something to be revered. With their gorgeous weather as well, I'd say it is jammers. It probably wouldn't work as well here in rainy old Ireland. It even comes with some bodhrán playing statues. 

We just hope it is frequented by some real bodhrán players from time to time, or it can't possibly be the best Irish bar in the world...

It has Guinness and dogs. We are SOLD!

It even has a classic Irish favourite - Bulmers! (Ignore the silly picture that says Magners...)

And we have it on good authority that the place is jammed with Tayto.

The grub is also supposed to be unreal. Just like an Irish Mammy would make you - but maybe with slightly better presentation.

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And would any Irish bar actually be complete without random inspirational texts plastered around the gaff?

Even if you've had a few drinks on you and can't quite figure out which way is home, they've got you sorted. 

We can't say how expensive that taxi would be though....

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