This 'Smart' Lunchbox Could Be The Future Of Eating At Work

Complete with a meal planning app

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Eating healthy has never been easier, thanks to the latest innovation known as the Prepd pack.

A Kickstarter project that's just been funded, Prepd aims to provide you with the smartest lunch box in the world. This will help with portion control, menu planning and generally a healthier lifestyle. 

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While this might seem like a connected step too far for many, the amount of funding and appetite (couldn't resist) for this product shows that people are there are really interested. 

The long list of features will appeal to gym fanatics, sports people, and anybody interested in looking after the temple that is their body. 

Prepd Containers

God knows what our grandparents would think about having a lunchbox connected to the internet, but this is going to be a real thing and we're excited to see where it goes...

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