Travel jacket breaks record raising $9m on Kickstarter

This jacket beats all!

This jacket, which has beaten records to become to most funded apparel item on Kickstarter, is as serious as jackets come. On Thursday when funding closed 44,949 people had pledged a total of $9,192,055 to get the jacket into production.

The jacket comes packed with 15 features:

  • neck pillow.
  • eye mask.
  • drink pocket.
  • microfibre cloth.
  • sunglasses pocket.
  • ipad pocket.
  • hand warming pockets.
  • earphone holders.
  • phone pocket.
  • zipper = pen + stylus.
  • passport pocket.
  • blanket pocket.
  • gloves.
  • portable charger pocket
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The jacket also come in 4 different styles, which you can see below.

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5c40f191426d4568560c448efdd38b54 original-1

So what do you think? Would you pick-up this jacket? We know we will be buying it!

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