Turn A Webpage Into An Itinerary With This New Travel Planning Tool

Planning your next trip just got a whole lot easier.

a transformative experience

Forget making list after list after list on your phone or on pieces of paper that you eventually end up losing because this new tool, Bucket, is about to make your life a lot easier.

Bucket, launching in open beta, starts by analysing the text on a web page and extracting any destinations mentioned in it. They are then displayed with square cards where you then add them to a "bucket" for your next trip.

bucket sf list

One of the most useful services Bucket provides is an automatically generated map of whatever places you add to a bucket. Or you can even plan a trip with someone else or a group if you would like to.

ways to add

Bucket released a few curated buckets on Wednesday, including an eating and drinking guide to San Francisco, which shows you just what a an itinerary on the service looks like.

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