You Can Now Rent A Ryanair Plane For €5,000 An Hour

The aircraft seats 60 people

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When you think of Ryanair you tend to think of the cheapest flights on the market, and a rather painful flying experience.

However, they're currently in the process of changing their entire image and one new service allows you to rent one of their planes as a corporate jet for 60 people.

The service is aimed at sports fans and groups of people travelling together, and it comes in at €5,000 per hour.

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You'll get plenty of extra leg room, large seats and none of that OTT Ryanair branding. 

This is clearly just a way for them to fill their planes during quieter periods, but it could be a great experience for a large group of people to have their own plane for a couple of hours, and not ridiculously expensive if done right.

More info on the project here.

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