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22nd Oct 2019

The ‘Mammy Box’ will make sure you’re the favourite

Sarah Finnan

I know, I know, parents don’t have favourites…

Creators of the famous ‘Paddy Box’ have decided to build upon their success and have come out with another idea, this one aimed at mammies.

The idea is simple: a box of goodies to send to a loved one abroad.

Imagine waking up to that, tempted to move abroad just so someone can send me one.

Creator Mark Loftus said “after the emigration rush, we watched our friends, family and colleagues set up new lives in countries all over the world. Many of them have started families in those countries and we wanted to create something that gave new mammies a feeling of home comfort”.

Filled with all the essentials, the box includes ten Irish-made items that aren’t commonly available abroad – so there’s something for baby and mammy too.

Priced at just under €70, to buy the whole lot individually would cost you €100 so it’s definitely the better deal.

What’s inside you ask? Take a look.


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