Here's how to recreate Kim Kardashian's Barbiecore pasta

By Katy Thornton

August 14, 2023 at 4:39pm


Everything else is pink at the moment, why not pasta?

Barbiecore is so in right now, and while it's mostly manifesting in the form of fashion and interior decorating, none other than Kim Kardashian has put Barbiecore rigatoni on the map. Or rather, her daughter North has.

Kim recently uploaded an Instagram story of her dinner, which featured some very pink pasta, with the caption: "North made me Barbie pasta for dinner Aka Dragon fruit pasta."

Dragon fruit pasta doesn't fill us with confidence for a tasty dinner truth be told, no matter how glam it looks on the plate.

It has captured people's imaginations though; according to Hello Fresh, the search for this pasta recipe spiked by 103% after the reality star posted to her 366 million followers, so clearly there is a market for it.

The rigatoni itself is made out of dragon fruit, which you can make yourself if you're feeling creative, or particularly skilled in the kitchen. However, an easy way to recreate the pink effect is simply by using beetroot; according to chef Hannah Duxbury, Head of Culinary at Hello Fresh, creating the Barbie themed hue is easy by simply blending the pink vegetable up and adding it into creme fraiche before mixing it altogether with your pasta of choice.


Add some pepper, and you've got a pink cacio e pepe style dish that resembles North West's Barbie pasta perfectly.

Header images via Instagram / Kim Kardashian


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