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A Cork Café Has Introduced An Honesty Box For Sandwiches

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Rushing on your lunch and find yourself behind a massive queue?

We’ve all been there and frankly, there’s nothing worse.

I hate queuing in a normal situation but when I’m starving and in a hurry and stuck behind seven or eight people I lose it.

A Cork café has come up with a brilliant solution to this common problem.

The Rocket Man Café on Princes Street has introduced ‘Honesty Sandwiches’.

You’ve seen this before – the €1 water bottles in Dublin Airport, those charity boxes that have chocolate bars and crisps in them, the newspaper stands in your local siopa.

I have to say however, this is the best one yet!

Instead of waiting in a stressful line, you can simply pick up a sambo and put a fiver into the box beside the stand.

They said:

‘In a rush? Need lunch? Honesty sandwich box at Rocketman HQ. No queue, no fuss. Grab a sambo drop a 5er in the box. Job done.’

Every café in Ireland should have one of these!

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