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10 Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Work In London With Free Wi-Fi

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Many of us choose to work remotely these days with ties to the physical office not as important as they once were. You might need to check your emails between meetings, tie up a few loose ends online at the end of a day or simple want a change of scenery but finding the perfect spot for a bit of surfing can be tricky. We've been looking for a good free London Wi-Fi list for some time and after not finding any we decided to research it a little more and create our own. There are a few vitally important things when looking for a place with free wifi to work which are:

  1. A good strong free Wi-Fi connection
  2. Plugs to charge laptops or phones
  3. Good coffee

Here are the 10 best places in London that tick all those boxes for you...

10. The Laundry

Great big room that is actually modelled on an old laundry and the long tables, good Wi-Fi and comfy seats make it somewhere that you could easily spend a few hours in. Staff don't hassle you or pressure you either.

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9. Department of Coffee And Social Affairs

They have 7 locations around London (our preference is SOHO) and all of their venues have a good mix of good coffee and free Wi-Fi. Most of them have a couple of charging points but this is somewhere you'd do an hours work rather than spending half a day here due to the turnover of people coming through.

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8. Raw Press

The one on the list that you'll want to hit up if you are on a health buzz because alongside the great coffee you can have some of their famous cold pressed juices. 2 Locations with super Wi-Fi in both and a good relaxed vibe.


7. Forge And Co

A wonderful spot in the heart of Shoreditch where you will see plenty of other people working and treating it as their office. Does get very busy but there are ample power points and the food is awesome as well.


6. Timber Yard Covent Garden

They have 2 locations but we've gone for the one in Covent Garden due to a serious lack of good working spots in that area. Full of creative types working with super comfy couches and no pressure on you to move on as well as super coffee.


5. The Hoxton Hotel

Shoreditch features heavily on the list as you would expect given the nature of working in public spaces and the tech community embracing it. This hotel is buzzing all day long and their high tables, lots of sockets and super fast Wi-Fi make this the perfect place to set up a remote office for the day.


4. Google Campus

Anybody can pop along and pretend they are working at Google for the day. Super fast connection and loads of sockets but the seats are not the most comfortable in the world which is why regular visitors can be seen with their own cushions. The added bonus is lots of talks, networking and events to get you inspired.


3. Lido Cafe

One for a tourist or somebody who has time on their hands to take it easy while working and have a decent view. The cafe is nice, never that busy and has super free Wi-Fi with the added bonus that in the summer works you can feel like you are on holidays sitting outside.


2. The Book Club

The buzz in this place is what makes it so special. Have a fresh juice and coffee and let the creative juices flow by taking in the atmosphere around you. Super Wi-Fi, lots of sockets and really good service without making you feel that you need to move on. Long hours into the evening although it does get busier in the late afternoon with offices emptying.

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1. The Ace Hotel

The winner hands down because the whole lobby of The Ace is effectively set up as an office for you to work in. They get the buzz of having techies there and in return you get tons of sockets, desks, comfy seating and a great coffee bar as well as a full menu and epic table service. So good that you actually won't want to leave!



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