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28th Oct 2017

Ghost Story 3: ‘We Dropped Everything And Ran Like The Hammers’


This Halloween, we’re giving away an amazing weekend away for two at the Castleknock Hotel to the person who can tell us the scariest ghost story. To find out more, and to vote for this story to win, see below!

Antoine’s Story

About 14 years ago, myself and my brother went lighting fireworks up a bog road in Connemara. We were about 14 years old at the time. 

It was a very calm night with the stars shinning so bright. After a few minutes of lightning the fireworks we could hear some movement in the field beside us. We stopped what we were doing and shone the flashlight, but we couldn’t see anything. 

We were convinced it was just a cow, so we continued lighting the rest of our fireworks. After lighting one or two more we could still hear the movement, but it was getting closer. Again, we shone the flashlight and we starting yelling “hello”, because we now we were convinced somebody was there. The movement was too quick for a cow and too heavy to be a dog. 

At this stage we were freaking out. We gathered all our stuff and starting walking down the road… nearly running at this stage. Then suddenly we heard “hello”, we turned around to see a small girl in her pyjamas with a teddy bear about 30 yards up the road. We dropped everything and ran like the hammers. 

True story…

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Cast your vote for the scariest ghost story in the box below.