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28th Oct 2017

Ghost Story 4: ‘I Woke Up To A Sensation Like Cold Breath On My Left Cheek’


This Halloween, we’re giving away an amazing weekend away for two at the Castleknock Hotel to the person who can tell us the scariest ghost story. To find out more, and to vote for this story to win, see below!

Laura-Lee’s Story

This is real life. I was a student in Belfast, living in the Holylands. 

I always locked my bedroom door at night so my drunk housemates wouldn’t come in and wake me. My bedroom was on the second floor, my bed in the middle of room, with my computer desk and chair to the left of the bed and a clothes horse to the right by the radiator. 

I was sleeping, but woke up to a sensation like cold breath on my left cheek. I got this really intense feeling that something was there, watching me, all of a sudden it felt like this thing was running around my bed, making my computer chair swivel and the floor boards creak. 

Then my clothes horse fell onto my bed and I got the really intense feeling that something was staring at me. After a few moments, the cold breath blew on my cheek again. I quickly reached for the bedside light but, of course, nothing was to be seen. 

Somehow I managed to get back to sleep, but woke up in the morning to this strange noise and then suddenly something fell on my face… it was the poster by my headboard, slidding down the wall and falling onto my face.

Once I’d removed it, I found that all the other posters on my walls were also lying on the floor…

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