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28th Oct 2017

Ghost Story 6: ‘We Both Saw What Looked Like A Grey-ish Figure Sitting At The Table’


This Halloween, we’re giving away an amazing weekend away for two at the Castleknock Hotel to the person who can tell us the scariest ghost story. To find out more, and to vote for this story to win, see below!

Nicholas’s Story

I was staying in one of the houses of this recently renovated estate with some family and friends. My parents had gone out to dinner and considering we were all quite young at the time we were in bed. At one point me and my friend thought we heard a noise downstairs and looking out the window saw our parents wern’t home, so went to check it out. As we left our room we heard another “bang” downstairs. When we turned the corner of he stairs which faced into the dining room we both saw what looked like a grey-ish figure sitting at the table. Absolutely terrified we ran back upstairs and tried calling our parents and didn’t sleep until they got home. The next day when everyone was downstairs we told our parents who hardly would believe us, but my mum questioned who had left a pot on the table? Looking into a while after it turns out the estate used to belong to a judge in Clare, and the house we stayed in was the cell or jail building, and over the year a large number of people in the cells had hung themselves and it was thought their ghosts still remained.
So to this day i can claim i’ve actually seen a real ghost!

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