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01st Mar 2018

11 Incredible Irish Spas To Escape To Once This Snow Storm Is Over And Done With


All this snow has gone straight to our nerves, let us tell ya. We’re absolutely shook and the only thing that will save the week is by booking a sneaky spa getaway to look forward to once its all over. 

(Are we convincing you? Please, we’re just trying to convince ourselves). 

Sure, it’s a indulgent treat but being cooped up inside has made us yearn even more for gorgeous lake views, Voya seaweed toiletries and the comfort of an expert massage. 

Top of our wishlist are these heavenly places across the country… We just need to wait for the roads to thaw and we’ll be on our merry way. 

1. Parknasilla, Kerry 

Probably going to be a long drive, as it’s about as far away from the hustle and bustle in Kerry as you can imagine. Superb facilities and plenty of other stuff to do.


2. The Marker Hotel, Dublin 

If you’re near the docks and need an escape, definitely pop into The Marker for a luxurious treatment. 

Float around in their dramatic 1.2 metre deep, 23 metre long infinity pool, or chill out in a retro cocoon – suspended from the ceiling.

Sound unreal? You’ll never know until you try. 

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3. Galgorm Resort, Antrim 

For a weekend with a difference, you need to put Galgorm Resort and Spa on your wishlist.

Nestled on lush parkland with a river flowing through it, Galgorm Resort recently had a £15m expansion of its indoor and outdoor thermal village; close to Belfast (it’s about 45 minutes away), it even has a unique Indoor & Outdoor Spa Village which is the first of its kind in Ireland. 

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4. Delphi Resort, Galway

If you’re living in the West, Delphi Resort should be right up your street. The spa uses eco-friendly products in all of its treatments and there’s outdoor activities too if you’re feeling energetic.

5. Cliff House Hotel, Waterford 

Perched on the side of a cliff this could be Ireland’s best looking hotel. The spa is superb and stepping into one of their baths with that view is incredible. 

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6. The Shelbourne, Dublin 

Of course you’d expect the marvelous Shelbourne hotel to offer an unforgettable spa experience. They even welcome requests for tailored treatments to suit your personal needs.

Here’s your definite path to wellness, folks. 

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7. Lough Eske Castle, Donegal 

Another long drive for most but the treatments, pool and ability to unwind in this Donegal spa are second to none. You’ll be able to take huge walks around the lake and unwind with great food, all the elements for the perfect weekend of relaxation.

8. Monart, Wexford 

Not only one of the best in Ireland but one of the very best in the entire world. Everything at Monart is designed to help you relax from the food, treatments, the ban on mobiles, right through to their Japanese gardens.

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9. Druids Glen, Wicklow

The view of the Wicklow Mountains from this tranquil haven makes it the ideal place for a relaxing spa trip. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

10. Farnham Estate, Cavan 

The Farnham Estate Health Spa is one of the nicest you’ll find in a 4* hotel. With an outdoor and indoor infinity pool (you swim outside via a little sliding door), massage jets and more steam room and saunas than you’d imagine, it’s a beautiful place to relax for an afternoon.

The hotel’s suites are all situated in the old countryhouse part of the hotel, while the rest of the rooms are in the more modern area.

11. Newpark Hotel,  Kilkenny 

People flock from all over Ireland because of the central location and great craic to be had in Kilkenny. If you want to recharge the batteries when here, this is the place to be doing it.

Could we sue Storm Emma for emotional damage and have enough moolah to stay in all of these places? Now that would be the dream…

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