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14th Sep 2022

Ashford Castle welcomes two new Irish wolfhound pups

Fiona Frawley

two wolfhound puppies looking at camera

Puppies Murphy and Mulligan have joined the fold at the 5 star, pet friendly hotel.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to spend a night at Ashford Castle you’ve probably encountered Cronan and Garvan, the hotel’s pet wolfhounds. The graceful, fairytale-esque pair roam the castle grounds, befriending hotel guests and gratefully receiving rubs and affection.

Ashford Castle has long been synonymous with Irish Wolfhounds, and now two new young pups have been welcomed to the pack, as Cronan and Garvan “move into semi-retirement”.

New recruits Murphy and Mulligan will have big paws to fill as they take over their predecessors’ stately duties, so go easy on them if you happen to be staying at Ashford Castle over the next few weeks. Plenty of reaffirming “who’s a good boy?” ‘s and chin scratches, please.

Guests can join the hounds for a walk in the woods surrounding Ashford Estate at 8:30 am each morning. Following their walk, the Irish Wolfhounds visit Ashford Castle from 10am to 11am where they meet and greet with residents of the hotel and “pose for Instagrammable moments”.

Find out more about Ashford Castle’s 350-acre estate in Cong, Co. Mayo and book in for a visit with Murphy and Mulligan HERE.

Header image via Ashford Castle 

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