Five Pubs In Cork That Are Ideal For a Quiet Drink

There's a lot to be said for a few gentle pints

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Whether you're still recovering from a heavy weekend or, you're just in the mood for some headspace, having a list of pubs that are ideal for a quiet pint is essential for living in Ireland.

Having lived in Cork for three years, I have it on good authority that Cork has a good few pubs that are perfect for a gentle pint.

Here are our top 5 picks if you ever find yourself in the Rebel County.

An Spailpín Fánach, Cork City.

Some of the best snugs in the city... cash only though.

Mutton Lane, Cork city

Cork's oldest pub...this place does get busy, but if you fancied a quiet day pint you might just get lucky!

The Oval, Cork City

Again, this place can get busy on the weekends, but if you go on a weeknight you should be sorted.

Dan Lowery's Tavern, Cork City

Grab a pint of their excellent Beamish, sit down by the fire and read a book....heaven!

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