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14th Feb 2020

This art installation on the edge of a cliff sounds insanely cool

Sarah Finnan

art installation on a cliff edge

This sounds insanely cool.

Silent Light is an art installation taking place in Derry…on the edge of a cliff. Yes, really.

A collaboration between National Trust Northern Ireland And JAMESPLUMB, Silent Light is a light installation and dark sky experience at Downhill Demesne and Mussenden Temple.

Visitors are led along a silent walk to Mussenden Temple which sits perched on the edge of a 120ft cliff overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. Step inside and you’ll be met with silence and darkness. As well as an installation of “Stained Moons”.

What’s that now?

An installation of art and shadow, it’s meant to evoke the eight phases of the moon. Pretty cool if you ask me. Images can be found within the broken glass reclaimed from an abandoned and overgrown greenhouse…so it’s as sustainable as it is beautiful.

The image is formed by a delicate stacking and combining of the panels while a series of optical instruments (each with carefully calibrated lenses and mirrors) project the images onto hanging screens.

Originally built as a library in the eighteenth-century, the temple and its location draw heavily on nature and silence.

Viewings take place after twilight until February 23rd and tickets can be gotten through the National Trust website.

(Header image courtesy of @downhilldemesnent)

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