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13th Dec 2021

“This is the reality” Donegal restaurant laments the restrictions on hospitality after a day of zero customers

Katy Thornton

Quay West Donegal truly felt the effects of the new restrictions on Thursday.

It has been a strange time for hospitality, to say the least. While they remain open, they face tightened restrictions, such as no bar service, and no more than tables of six. There’s to be no multiple bookings, making Christmas parties almost impossible. The government has encouraged people to reduce their social contacts, amid rising Covid-19 cases, meaning many are cancelling their dinner plans.

The harsh reality of this was made clear to Quay West on Donegal last Thursday.

For the first time in their 21 years of business, Quay West saw no customers all day. They took to Twitter to lament this, with proof that the only business they had were through vouchers sold.

The tweet goes as follows:

For the first time in 21 years in business, we had Zero customers in the restaurant, the hospitality sector has been decimated in the last 21 months. So if anyone is in any doubt how bad things are, this is the reality !!

That this is generally a time people get together and dine out more, to have a restaurant with no customers all day is truly shocking.

Header image via Shutterstock

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