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Galway Is Getting A 10-Screen Cinema Where Food Will Be Delivered To Your Seat

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What’s the best thing about going to the cinema? Some people will say watching the movie, naturally enough. Wrong answer.

Getting to stuff your face in a dark room full of non-judgemental strangers is obviously the reason most people fork out cash to spend two hours out of the house and pretty soon Galwegians won’t even have to get out of their seats to do so.

Omniplex has confirmed that it will open Ireland’s first 10-screen reclining cinema in Salthill and if that doesn’t sound fancy enough, moviegoers will be able to get restaurant food delivered to their seats as they sit back and enjoy the film. Not only that, there will also be a bar on site where you can get your favourite drink to wash it all down.

It’s hoped that the project will be finished by October and will be located at Baily Point in Salthill.

A fine addition to the area indeed.

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