PIC: An Irish Pub Sold This One Drink For €3,000 Over The Weekend At Exactly 5:30pm On Friday

That's one way to really kick the weekend off.

Front Door Brandy

You might spend all week saying to everyone that you're not stirring at all but when that Friday feeling comes, you really have to just go for it.

That's what this punter did when they were in Galway last weekend as they really kicked the week into touch and subbed it for the weekend.

They spent no time in forking over €3,000 for a drink in The Sonny Molloy's section of The Front Door in the town of Tribe.

What's even better, they were bang on the dot of paying it at 5:30pm on Friday.

If you're going to go big, you're as well to really just burst the ball altogether.

Sonny Molloys Brandy

The people who were in Galway were enjoying some LOUIS XIII brandy which better actually taste like mother's milk at that price.

The Louis XIII is a cognac that is produced by Rémy Martin in France. It is a tribute to King Louis XIII of France.

Aoife from The Front Door said that:

"They actually bought 20 measures, which was the complete bottle.

"The bottle alone is around €500 as its made from Waterford Crystal."

Wowzers. Here's what it looks like:

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