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03rd Jun 2022

Six trusty spots to get your wing fix in Galway this bank holiday

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Been wondering where to find good chicken wings in Galway? Look no further. 

Chicken wings have the ability to make or break a meal. Get a good plate of wings and you’re laughing… get a bad one though, and well that’s your whole day ruined.

A staple in many Irish people’s diets, knowing where to go can be tricky -particularly when visiting somewhere new. No one wants to take a chance on a place that isn’t quite up to scratch.

No need to fret though, we’ve compiled a list of places serving up the finger-lickin’ snack in Galway so alls you got to do is make sure you’re ready to get your hands (and face and probably your outfit) dirty. Chicken wings are tasty but oh so messy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, in no particular order…


A little ways outside the city centre, you’ll find this place tucked away on Headford Road, right in the courtyard of Cúirt na Coiribe student accommodation.

Famous for their burgers but also their wings and it would be a darn shame not to treat yourself to some of these bad boys for the day that’s in it.

The Chili Shack

Simple, honest, comfort food. The Chili Shack will sort you out when you mean business and aren’t in the mood for messing.  Known for their spice factor (it’s all in the name ain’t it), they’ve also just come out with new bottles of habanero hot sauce that will most definitely bring the fire.

The Cellar

The place to be come lunchtime in Galway, The Cellar is an old reliable when it comes to getting a good, hearty feed – and that applies to their wings too. Get their buffalo wings as a starter or add garlic bread and make a meal of it.

The Cellar also serves up all-day breakfast which is just good to know for future reference.

Taylor’s Bar & Beer Garden 

Summer in Ireland is a fickle thing, as we’re all only too aware of I’m sure. We rarely note marked differences between the seasons – the rain feels slightly warmer (think that’s just in our heads though tbh) and we might get a few days of sunshine if we’re lucky. When Mr Sun does make his annual appearance, make sure to get thyself to Taylor’s where you’ll find one of Gaillimh’s best beer gardens.

What about the wings though? Good news, they’ve just teamed up with the lads from Roost and are serving up wings by the bucket… also offering a cauliflower alternative for veggies.


Yes, yes, I’m aware that they’re called Burgerstory but their wings always prove to be a popular choice. More on the crispy side, they have a range of different sauces you can choose from including one named ‘scaldy spice’ that comes with a *super hot* warning. Intriguing to say the least… are your taste buds up to it?


BóTown needs very little introduction, in fact… I’ll just let the below speak for itself.

Extremely saucy and extremely good, you can opt for hot sauce or sticky BBQ. Another one on the list that does cauli wings, a good shout when trying to please a mixed group with varied diets. Hand-cut fries and craft beer too.

Obviously, just a small selection of what’s on offer… any others we simply must add to our chicken wings in Galway list? Let us know.

Header image via Instagram/thecellargalway

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