This Irish Post Man Miraculously Delivered A Very Special Letter

This proves that post-men have super powers

An Post Ireland 1

God bless our postmen, they have some job.

From trying to decipher the most illegible handwriting to delivering letters addressed to someone who lives "down from the church" - they certainly have it tough.

But once again, they come out on top.

Two days ago, St Annin's National School in Galway put out a plea on Facebook, to help reunite a letter with its intended recipient - 'Sam' the cat. 

The postman had nothing to go on, except the name and the town, Roscahill, Co. Galway. 

For an ordinary postman, this would be impossible. But for an Irish postman, this was no bother. 

Lo and behold, Sam the cat got his letter. Phew. 

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Clodagh McMeel

Just trying to get through life petting as many cats as possible.