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05th Aug 2017

WATCH: This Interview At The Galway Races Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

James Fenton

Absolute stitches.

You may remember this hilarious interview with Limerick horse owner Josh Sheahan from a few weeks back. 

Now, the energetic ball of mischief is back with an even better performance than before. With his horse Top Of The Town set to run at the Galway Races, Josh and his merry band of boisterous men and women were on hand to speak to At The Races and what resulted was two and a half minutes of pure hilarity. 

Josh got a bit over-romantic when talking about rubbing the horse’s belly and even regaled his audience with a story of a recent ill-fated date he went on. 

Like Josh said, he’s still single, ladies. We reckon there’ll be plenty of suitors if he keeps up this carry on. That is of course if anyone can keep up with him.

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