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06th Jan 2023

Kildare Councillors believe the Naas Ball could become a tourist attraction

Fiona Frawley

the naas ball, a large spherical sculpture on a roundabout decorated with road markings

I can picture it now. Everyone pulled up by the roundabout, hazards on to take a snap like it’s the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas.

Every Irish person knows and, I’ll go as far to say loves the Naas Ball. If you’re a frequenter of the M7, no doubt you smile knowingly and whisper to yourself “there she is”, every time you pass junction 9. You probably point out her spherical glory if travelling with a friend not familiar with the area and would, most likely, be tempted by Naas Ball merch if it ever came on the market.

She’s been the subject of many a Halloween costume and comical tweet, she’s an icon, a legend and let’s not mince words here – she is the moment.

So it probably makes sense that the Naas Ball could become a major tourist attraction for the town.

Green Party councillor Colm Kenny is seeking information about plans that Kildare County Council may have to harness the tourism potential associated with the Ball, Kildare News has reported.

He’s asked the council if it plans to liaise with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and other national bodies to “promote and leverage the tourism potential of the monument as a visitor attraction site.”

To be fair, roadside tourist attractions are huge in the States – popularity wise and physically – so Colm could be onto something. The Naas Ball could easily give the Giant Wicker Basket in Ohio or South Carolina’s oversized peach a run for their money.

The Naas Ball on a sunny day, image via Shutterstock 

Should we expect to see international tourists flocking to the site, donning Naas Ball beanies, jumpers and dangly earrings? Stranger things have happened.

Header image via Shutterstock 

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