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29th Jun 2017

An American Tourist Wants People To Explain His ‘Weird’ Irish Experience

James Fenton

Ireland is known as quite the musical nation and we love nothing more than giving tourists a taste of our talents.

However, one American visitor, with the Reddit username pyridoxineHCL, is asking people to explain what he thought was a weird experience in Kilkenny. 

He writes:

“So the wife and I are in a pub in Kilkenny enjoying a pint, sitting in the outdoor seating, and there’s a group of guys all singing. One had a guitar and is doing most of the singing… he was pretty damn good, and we were enjoying it a lot.

Then the manager comes out and asks them to leave. They refused and this continues for about 5 minutes, with the manager repeatedly telling them to leave and them refusing. They continue playing. The manager leaves and comes back about 10 minutes later again telling them they have to go, and again they refuse and start making fun of him. The manager leaves again and they start playing REALLY loud.

At this point, as an American, I’m expecting security or the police to come in any second and beat the piss out of these guys. But it never happens… they continue to play very loud for about another hour. Right before they leave, these COMPLETE LEGENDS walk into the bar and play a song right in the middle of the bar.

So what exactly happened here? In America, the police would have been called and they would have been removed, but it looks like the manager here never even called the Garda? Are you not allowed to kick people out? Do the Garda not deal with stuff like this?”

Responders were quick to help with the general consensus being that the lads in question were merely ‘acting the bollocks’, while some felt that they were disrespecting the manager of the pub. 

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What do you think? Were the lads being disrespectful or just having a bit of craic? Let us know in the comments.

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