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27th Jul 2019

17 Photos That Prove Limerick Is Ireland’s Most Stunning County



Ireland is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world and there are many counties that could easily claim to be the nicest. Wicklow, Galway, Kerry and others could claim the title, but today we wanted to focus on Limerick.

It might not always be the first on the list when it comes to people holidaying but, as these pictures prove, it should be.

Absolutely stunning county Limerick…

1. The Shannon passes through this wonderful county

Shutterstock 102080464

2. The hotels look like this

Shutterstock 141772114

3. Limerick is home to one of the world’s most iconic sports teams

Shutterstock 86345704

4. The castles around here look like this

Shutterstock 84012481

5. You’ll have as much fresh air and space as you could wish for in Limerick

Shutterstock 369658811

6. You’ll be blown away by the amazing food scene

Shutterstock 306109985

7. Even the animals around here are super friendly

Shutterstock 69783325

8. You’ll never be far from the water in County Limerick

Shutterstock 233324551

9. The people are of course what make Limerick what it is

Shutterstock 71666032

10. History is everywhere in this county

Shutterstock 83195749

11. Nothing beats a sunset in County Limerick

Shutterstock 496015918

12. The bridges look like this

Shutterstock 140293084

13. The greenest country you could imagine inland

Shutterstock 64193782

14. You could live in a little cottage like this

Shutterstock 131724455

15. Even at night Limerick looks absolutely stunning

Shutterstock 157169039

16. Limerick City itself is the third biggest in Ireland and an absolute gem

Shutterstock 473293258

17. We think you’ll agree that Limerick is the most stunning county in Ireland

Shutterstock 132154274

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