17 Photos That Prove Mayo Is The Most Beautiful County In Ireland

By admin

May 27, 2019 at 9:58am


You could make arguments for plenty of counties across Ireland being the most beautiful (Kerry, Wicklow, Galway, to name but a few), but we thought we'd make a case for Mayo today.

If you've never been it's probably about time you packed a bag and headed there for a long weekend at least.

What a spot...

1. You'll be able to find your very own private beach

2. Or a private island

3. And look at views like this every day of the week

4. Things are pretty special looking inland too

5. If you need a big house, they're stunning

6. And the little ones are pretty cute too

7. You'll never be too far from the sea

8. Did we mention the views?

9. Some of the nicest mountains in the country to climb

10. Even the animals here are chilled

11. And that coastline. Wow

12. Choose from any number of gorgeous towns and villages to live in or visit

13. Even simple bridges look like works of art

14. Traffic really isn't an issue out West

15. You'll never taste air as fresh as you do in Mayo

16. The pubs in Mayo are the best in the world for hospitality

17. Once you see a sunset in Mayo you'll be sold for life. The best place in the world

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