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31st Jul 2018

WATCH: Garth Brooks Has His Say On Mayo GAA Players Singing His Song

Darragh Berry

You may remember after Mayo were knocked out of the championship by Kildare in the third round, a video circulated online of them singing one of Garth Brook’s most famous songs.

‘The River’ a version by Aidan O’Shea, Cillian O’Connor and co was sang in Matt Molloys pub in Westport after the defeat and hit a chord with not only Mayo fans but GAA fans all around the country.

If you want to see it for the first time, or for the 576th time, you can find it here.

It caught the eyes of many GAA fans from Castlebar to Castleknock but one fan out in America was more impressed than anyone else.

Garth Brooks was shown the video on International Friends Day and couldn’t get over how “awesome” the version was.

It was explained to him how they were a Gaelic Football team from Ireland and he expressed his undying love for our country before commenting on the song.

“I love this guy (referring to Aidan) Oh, he did the key change too?! Nice! Aidan, dude, you need to be singing for a living. That’s great! I love it.”

He starts talking about the lads immediately at the start of the video.

When Mayo finally win Sam Maguire (2019 is obviously their year? Duh), we want Garth to take the homecoming stage at MacHale Park and sing the ‘Green and Red of Mayo’ before joining in with Aidan and the boys for a chorus of ‘The River’.

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